Looking for a Critter Nation? Look No Further.

Critter Nation

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The Critter Nation cage for small pets is undisputedly one of the best cages on the market.

It was first introduced by Midwest Homes for Pets. They had already come out with the Ferret Nation cages, which were ideal for that pet. But many owners of other small animals wanted a cage with less distance between the bars. Midwest’s answer was the Critter Nation.

Many other cages offer lots of space, but the Critter Nation has many other additional features which make it the perfect habitat for rats, chinchillas, and sugar gliders.

It comes in two different models: the single level (161) and the double level (162). Each level has a ramp and shelf, and has plenty of room for multiple pets. The 162 model has an extra ramp to go from the shelf on the bottom level through the opening into the upper level.

Just recently, they also came out with an add-on unit (available from Amazon). Note, this is NOT meant to be a stand-alone cage. It is an add-on. So if you already have the one level or the two level, you would remove the top of your existing cage and put this on top.

It gives you an additional level, so if you have the double plus this, you would get three levels in all.

Many people wonder if you could just keep stacking these add-on units forever, getting a five-story for instance. The answer is, they recommend only going as high as one add-on level, for stability and safety.

Here are some other features of the Critter Nation:

  • Small Space Between the Bars

    The Critter Nation has bars with a 1/2" gap. This is the recommended size for some of the smaller animals such as rats because juveniles can escape through a bigger gap.

  • Horizontal Bars
  • Many smaller animals are natural climbers. The horizontal bars of the Critter Nation are perfect for climbing, nurturing their natural instincts.

  • Full Cage Doors

    This is a feature that really sets the CN apart from its competitors. The cage has double doors which latch securely together and are the full size of the cage. This means that when opened, there is no bar obstructing your access. You can easily get into the cage for cleaning or for positioning hammocks and other cage accessories.

  • Adjustable Shelves with Plastic Inserts

    It’s easy to customize the shelf height for your little critter. Have an older chinchilla? Bring the shelf lower so that the ramp to get to it is less of an angle. And the plastic inserts make them easier to clean.

  • Full Width Shelves

    The adjustable shelves are the full width of the cage, so there’s no danger of your little pet falling between the shelf and the cage side.

  • Storage Area with Locking Casters

    The Critter Nation has a section at the bottom for storage that the cage sits on top. The whole thing is on locking casters, so you can move the Critter Nation when you need to vacuum behind it, or lock it in place.

  • Locking Ramp

    If you have the Critter Nation 162 (two levels), the ramp going between levels can lock up against the cage, shutting off access to the other level. This is usefully if you are trying to separate two pets.

All these amazing features make the Critter Nation cage one of the best. It’s a little pricey, but will last forever.

Here are a couple of critters enjoying their new Critter Nation!

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